The Economic Impact of Nuclear Energy

  • Each reactor employs hundred of employees and contributes nearly a half billion dollars to their local economy.
  • Employ more than 2,155 highly skilled employees
  • Annual payroll of $144 million
  • Nationwide, nuclear Energy facilities typically pay 36% more than the average salaries in the local area.
  • More than $1.25 billion of materials, services and fuel for the nuclear energy industry are purchased annually from more than 1,050 Virginia companies.
  • Global and domestic growth in the nuclear energy industry each year adds thousands of high‐paying, long‐term jobs for American workers.

Nuclear Energy in Virginia

  • There are four operating nuclear reactors at two power plants all operated by Dominion
    • North Anna, Louisa County
    • Surry, Surry County
  • Virginia’s nuclear reactors have operated safely for more than 40 years.
  • Nuclear energy provides 39% of the Virginia’s electricity, the largest share of energy from any source.
  • Nuclear energy accounts for 99% of the state’s clean energy generation.