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The Economic Impact of the Nuclear Navy

  • Nuclear engineers in the US Navy make 14% more than the national average among nuclear engineers according to
  • There are over 125,000 sailors trained and qualified as nuclear propulsion plant operators.
  • Sailors accepted into the naval propulsion training earn up to $15,000 as an entry bonus and receive special duty pay for their skills.

Virginia Supports America’s Nuclear Navy

  • More than 40% of the Navy’s major combatants are nuclear powered, including 10 aircraft carriers, 54 attack submarines, and 18 strategic submarines.
  • The navy operates 97 reactors and more than 150 million miles have been safely steamed by nuclear-powered naval vessels.
  • Navy submarine and aircraft carrier cores have an endurance greater than 1 million miles.
  • Two private shipyards, one in Virginia, build all U.S. nuclear-powered ships.
  • Six shipyards, two in Virginia, employ 50,000 highly skilled workers to support the US nuclear fleet.