Nuclear is Clean

  • Successfully promotes public policies that advance the nuclear industry
    • SB 828 Carbon-free energy and clean energy; definition – 2020
    • SB 817 Nuclear energy; considered a clean energy source – 2020

Prioritization of Nuclear Energy

  • Established strategies to advance Virginia’s nuclear industry
  • Positioned VNEC as a key nuclear policy advocate in Virginia
  • Provided recommendations for the Governor’s 2019 Virginia Energy Plan in coordination with the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority
  • Advanced Nuclear Energy Technologies Working Group (HB 894)
    • A stakeholder work group to identify strategies and any needed public policies, including statutory or regulatory changes, for promoting the development of advanced small modular reactors in the Commonwealth.

Infrastructure and Research & development

  • Advanced public policy resolutions in support of nuclear R&D
    • SJ 60 Nuclear energy; advancement of nuclear energy research & exploration of economic opportunities – passed 2020
  • Secured funding from the general fund for the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority as a one-time planning grant to develop a nuclear research and innovation hub in Virginia – 2021
  • Secured funding for nuclear research from the Virginia Legislature in 2017
  • Proactive coordination with state and federal officials advocating for more federal research investment and manufacturing dollars in Virginia.
  • Supported nuclear research opportunities for Virginia universities

Workforce and education

  • Hosted Statewide Energy Workforce Pathways Conference jointly with VA Community College System, Department of Education and Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium on March 3, 2017
  • Advocacy for passage of legislation to create a 17th Career Cluster for energy education
    • Passed and signed into law by Governor Northam on March 12, 2019
  • Active participation with the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium (VEWC).
  • Organize an annual “Day on the Hill” in Richmond for nuclear engineering students